About time

So I suppose it’s about time that I post something new instead of trying to milk all I can out of posts from 5+ years ago. So much has been happening and God is so good. I finally have a new job! I started the end of June and it’s been great. I’m the box office manager at a local independent theater. It’s a wonderful organization. However, I won’t say the name of it yet in case you are waiting for me to get back to you about your season subscription that you sent in a week ago and haven’t received a receipt for yet.

After all the searching I did to find the perfect job, this is the last occupation I ever imagined myself in. For one, I can’t act worth beans – which I suppose is why I’m in the office and not on stage. But aren’t I suppose to be able to relate to the actors to some degree? I played Kanga in a high school production of Winnie the Pooh – does that count?  Anyway, I found out the other day that it came down to me and one other person for the position. The other guy was good with numbers, but not as strong with customer service and I happen to be great with talking to patrons and I’m not so good with numbers. They opted for me, a ‘people person’ over Mr. Numbers. Turns out Mr. Numbers was actually the president/owner’s son! Wow! I feel so blessed that they picked me and I hope I can live up to their expectations.

So in short, I’m loving this job for several reasons: I get to walk to work everyday, I get to work with great friends in a tight community, I don’t have the pressure of sales looming over me in the form of a boss with some serious issues, I have great hours and an awesome, fun supervisor, and finally, our office is across the street from the PAWS Cat Adoption Center and whenever I need a break I can run over and watch the kittens playing in the window. How amazing is that!?!

One of the best parts of this new chapter of my life is all the stories I have to share now. (I’ll share more later). While I miss being able to spend my days hoping from coffee shop to coffee shop reading and writing to my heart’s content, now I am interacting with real people again instead of the imaginary friends in my novel-in-progress. (Don’t worry Secondary Character number 3, I’ll get you a name as soon as I revise chapter 14 ;). )

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