Where’s the bum?

So I haven’t seen Homeless Guy for a couple days now. I suppose he’s moved on. Maybe he’s a seasonal character. Like Tom Selleck on Friends. Perhaps I’ll run into him again next summer. In the meantime, new comedy relief has entered into my morning walk routine. Peacoat Guy. Peacoat Guy has twice called me ‘Pretty Lady’ and three times said ‘good morning’ with a not so creepy *smile*.
He always has a bluetooth in which is why he hasn’t been a ‘Morning Walk’ character until now because it wasn’t until recently that I even realised he was talking to me.
Aside from the real life Sylvester and Tweety (they live in the white house up the street…I’ll get a pic of them one of these days!), Peacoat Guy is the next most re-occuring character of the Morning Walk series.
(Yes, my commute life once again presents itself as a series. Now it’s just less stressful.)


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