Mt. Baker

Mt. Baker

I’m a writer. At least that’s what I tell people and what I aspire to be. Until a few weeks ago I had a job that had little to nothing to do with writing. I was a project manager and sales person for a flooring company/disaster restoration company. I was laid off because my department was (like most companies during this time) going down a bad road. I’m taking this time of job hunting to do what I assume most people in my position are doing, career re-evaluation. So far I’ve come to terms with some realizations. I’ve re-visited a couple dreams I’ve always had:

  • to be a journalist
  • to write mystery novels
  • write and illustrate childrens’ books
  • be a teacher
  • get my master’s in creative writing
  • manage a successful blog
  • study theology and write inspirational stuff
  • finish all the paintings and other projects I’ve started

So far I’ve talked myself out of pursuing most of those goals. Probably because of a complex I have or a lack of confidence. You might think that knowing this about myself would help me to overcome it….well, I would think that too, but not so much. But I’m working on it…and I guess that is sort of what this blog is about.

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