Can Guy

There is another re-occuring character from the streets of Greenwood. We call him Can Guy and here’s why. Nearly everyday a tall, slender man with a sharp nose and shaved head walks up and down the curbs along 85th and Greenwood. He generally wears short grey slacks, red converse, a beige trenchcoat and a grey newsie’s cap. He walks the blocks, with his head down and his hands in his pockets, taking long strides until he comes across a stranger and asks for random amounts of change. 32 cents? 27 cents? 14 cents? He does this until he has enough to stop at a local market and buy 2 cans of soda. He then continues with his laps around the block, drinking the soda in large swigs until he gets back to the intersection of 85th and Greenwood on the corner in front of the old Greenwood Hair Academy and sets the can down on the corner in exactly the same place every time. Then he crosses the street and disappears until the next day.This pattern has gone on for months.

We suspect recently that Can Guy was scolded for his littering habits because now he marches to the nearest trash can and pounds down two sodas, one in each hand, and throws the cans away.

Another new development came today when we noticed Can Guy has a new coat! He has traded in his trenchcoat for a more fashionable grey Dickies jacket. Lightweight, but still warm. We are all speculating if this change is due to the weather, or possibly a new lady in his life.

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