I love dialogue. I love that I can make up characters to say what I never feel secure enough to say myself. I love banter and eloquence.

But in the case of my latest literary endeavor, dialogue is killing me. My novel is turning into the written version of Before Sunset. All dialogue and not very much action. My problem is that I’m having a hard time communicating the visual cues. The raised brow, the slight nod, the sarcasm. Can you imagine what the script looks like for an episode of Gilmore Girls? All those words without the visual sensation of the show and the vocal pacing would be a mess. Which is essentially what I fear my piece is turning into. Unless…unless I turn my action thriller into a picture book! Wait, no…I’m pretty sure that would come across as more of an insult to those who favor the genre. Plus printing fees would be out of this world.

Well, pictures books aside…many great writers who have come before me found solutions to this problem. So now I’m off to find one…a solution that is – not a great writer. I don’t think I could face greatness right now. Writer’s block is not a flattering state to be in.

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