Untitled Thriller: Chapter 1

Vivian opened the door and was reaching for the lights of her boyfriend’s apartment when a force slammed into her from behind, taking her to the floor. The door closed. She started to scream, but a damp cloth pressed against her face. She held her breath, opened her mouth as wide as she could until she felt something in it and bit down hard. A dark figure cursed, shifting his weight from her back. Vivian bucked him off and got to her knees. Crawling away, she frantically searched the room for something to grab as a weapon. An image of Ethan’s baseball bat flashed in her mind as her scanning eyes landed on the hall closet.

Just as she got a foot under her, the figure caught her shoe and she thumped to the floor again. Vivian flipped over and started kicking; pumping her legs as if riding a bike. She got a good blow to his face, hearing him grunt. She went in for another but he ducked his head, tightened his grip and grabbed her other foot. He swiftly dragged her beneath his weight, pulled the bottom edge of her jacket up to her shoulders and pinned her arms down with it beneath his knees.

She drew in another breath to scream but he brought the damp cloth down on her face again, this time keeping his palm over her mouth and his thumb under her chin.

“Not gonna nip me this time princess,” he growled.

Vivian fought to hold her breath again, this time trying to focus her eyes on his face. She caught a blurry glimpse of a smirk before her head started spinning and everything went black.

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