This is the beginning of my third week of unemployment. Yet somehow I feel I have been just as productive, if not more productive, in the last two weeks than when I was employed.

Friday, October 2nd was my last day at work. From that day to today I’ve:

  • Moved furniture for and managed the install of new carpet in our house.
  • Given the writing lesson at NCWA and managed three new critique groups.
  • Uncovered more water damage downstairs and planned for the repairs. (including asbestos precautions)
  • Spent the following days moving furniture back after carpet install.
  • Painted the office.
  • Prepped for painting the guest room.
  • Cleaned house and prepared for cat/kitten-sitting 3 cats.
  • Cleaned house and prepared for friend with cat allergies to visit while kitten-sitting.
  • Cleaned out garage and shop

I feel very accomplished. I should also point out that when I say ‘clean house’…I don’t mean just straightening piles and doing dishes. I mean everything from scrubbing floors and doing laundry to purging closets and  vacuuming the ceiling. Yes, you read that right…vacuuming the ceiling. I feel that ceilings are one of the most overlooked parts of a house. If it weren’t for its insulating properties, dental chairs, Michelangelo or crown molding, ceilings would probably always go unnoticed.

While I admit that floors do attract the majority of our filth and clutter, ceilings gather their fair share too, primarily in the form of cob webs. Which aren’t that gross…but are still bothersome.

All that to say…unemployment was initially stressful, but has since become quite liberating. And now…back to job hunting on craigslist.

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