Cutest laundry I've ever seen

Cutest laundry I've ever seen

My cat Ricochet is forever a trouble maker. Granted, that is why we picked him out, but I admit that I question that decision daily. 🙂

Everyday he finds new ways to pounce or sneak attack. Yesterday he sprung out at me from the pots and pans cupboard (I should point out that I opened that same cupboard several times to put things away…he waited until the perfect moment). The day before he hid on a stack of boxes and swiped me from under the stairs.

A warning to anyone who visits our house…no one is exempt from a Ricochet sneak attack. He does not discriminate. Imagine that old gag with a bucket of water balanced on a door top – person walks in and splash! Now, imagine that with a cat. Our friends came over for game night and he bombed an unsuspecting victim from the top of our office door.  I have no clue how he even got up there!

Today, he launched himself at me from the laundry basket. Paws straight out in Superman position, he sprung up batting at my arms and took off like a kid caught TP-ing the neighbors house. The funniest part is when I took the picture above. He thought he could get me again!


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