House upgrades

I knew being a home owner was expensive, but holy cow! Perhaps we’re moving a bit fast, but I think it’s a good thing to get it all done before we loose our momentum. Just so you know, this particular momentum has helped us acquire new Leaf Filter gutters, monthly landscape maintenance, a high efficiency tankless water heater and a high efficiency furnace with special filter that catches 99.9% of all air particulates including mold spores and the influenza virus. I wonder if it will filter cat furr too.

Lucky for us we get the WA rebates for using high efficiency appliances. We can bubbles so I can enjoy the endless flow of hot water in a nice warm bubble bath. 🙂

The bummer of this is that the “stimulus package” that we are supposed to be getting isn’t going to even make a dent in any of our home repairs. I think it’d be wise if they try the same idea again, just with a few tweeks – like maybe increasing the amount? Just a thought.

Yesterday I re-potted my house plants because Kyle said they look like weeds. Now I can tell him that obviously they aren’t weeds because people don’t put weeds in pots, they put pretty primroses in pots.

Now all we need is to finish painting.

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