The Past

At work this morning my co-worker asked me if I had a table by our door where we keep keys and things. “Like for your entry way” he said.

He is going to make the entry table as a thank you for the painting I’m doing for him. (He’s also paying me for the art work, but I think the table is pretty sweet too!)

Then my boss turned in surprise and said, “I knew you were a writer, but I didn’t know you were a painter too!”

I felt proud.

Then they wanted to see evidence of my talents and all I could think of was an old website I put together about three years ago. It had stuff on it from college, art work and writing samples. Pulling up that old website and reading my young, un-jaded, enthusiastic words was exciting and sad at the same time. I kind of miss my idealistic dreams of supporting myself as a writer/artist.

Well, it’s not too late to pursue that. I just have to cling to it and keep working to develope my portfolio. I just can’t let that dream die.

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