My brother and future sis-in-law came this last weekend and brought a truck load of furniture I inhereted from various family members. Most of the pieces are almost 100 years old. They are really beautiful pieces. A dining set & chairs, sofa, rocker, chair, sewing table with pedal and an amazing china hutch. They also brought boxes and boxes of china sets and collectable plates that were passed down from grandparents. I’m really excited to go through them when I get home…if I can stay awake. I’m so tired!

The hutch and dining table will need the most restoration work. I guess being almost 100 years old can wear on you pretty hard.

We had tons of fun taking Sarah (furture sis-in-law) around Seattle and showing her Pike’s Place. We only had a day, so that’s as far as we got. Haha. Next time we’ll take her to the Space Needle – simply because you have to go there as a tourist. There’s no way around it really. haha.

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