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So, for those who haven’t seen the awesomeness that is our house, check out the link above. Kyle has posted the flier photos in flickr. The house was staged, so obviously it looks different with our stuff. Plus we painted our room last weekend and it looks so cool! We are attempting to restore the historical aspects of the house while adding our own modern touches (like Kyle’s surround sound system). haha.

I had a slight breakdown last night after writer’s group. I guess it finally hit me how the obligations of having a house are really going to affect us. For example, before the house, my pay check was simply extra money for savings and the occasional camping trip or emergency vet visit. Now, my check is absolutely necessary and without it we’d be in a pretty serious situation.

In addition, we’ve also discovered that with the charm of an older house also comes the “little fixes” (that if not caught in time, may become “big fixes”). The pilot light under our water heater, for example, is very efficient and working brilliantly. However, if the rust gathering on the side of the tank ever should decide to venture closer, we may have some issues. Not to mention that replacing the water heater is going to be a big enough task because of it’s snug location, shoe-horned between the concrete foundation and behind the furnace.

I know that these things probably aren’t really as ominous as I think they are. I mean, compared to last weekend’s TiVo scare (after the cable guy came and we discovered our TiVo might not be compatible with the digital cable connection) our To Do list seems like a cake walk! Thankfully, after a sober cable guy came and fixed everything, our TiVo is back in action.

The most wonderful part of having our own home now is that now I have a place to let my imagination run wild. All the walls in our home (except our bedroom) are still white and the painter in me is swimming in a building pool of ideas. I’m most excited about our ‘ambiguous’ room. I’ve learned that all old houses have an ambiguous room, the room that doesn’t seem to serve any great purpose other than to be a catch-all for things that don’t really have a place and act as a walk-thru to get to a ‘real room’. The way I see it is that this ambiguous room is really my creativity room. I’ve dreamed of turning it into an island get away with sunset walls and a warm evening glow. I’ve envisioned it becoming a library with a warm hearth and book-lined walls. It could also be a serene retreat with soft curtains, a massage table and relaxing music. The possibilities are endless!

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  1. tikijam says:

    It looks like such a warm and comfy home! Yaaaay for having a new place to decorate/paint/run wild with. You definitely need to post pictures of your progress! 🙂

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