Literary journal

I think when we have money again, I want to subscribe to a literary journal. We still get mail addressed to the lady who owned this house before us and she subscribed to the Literary Scholar journal (or something, I don’t remember the name). But I really wish it wasn’t wrapped in plastic because I was having a really hard time with not being able to read it.

I’ve felt so out of the literary loop since taking this job. I knew I’d have to make sacrifices when I took this position – but I didn’t think it would go this far. *sigh* It’s almost like I can feel that part of my intelligence slowly shrinking away. Soon, all I’ll have left is a raisin – a little generic brand, grocery store raisin. I’m not even sure if I spelled raisin right…now I’m questioning my ability to spell! This iz geting wors bi the minit.

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  1. propheceye says:

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