Quick summary of the past few weeks

-Working, praying, fellowship, eating, some sleeping…
-Bought a house in Phinny Ridge (know for having the highest pet population ever)
-Got rear-ended on my way to work
-Dr. appointments
-Job promotion
-Working harder
-Closing up latest biography
-Sister-in-law is pregnant!
-Brother is engaged to another Sarah (at least my name will live on…I’m proud she’ll be taking it.)
-Took another side job as NCWA critique group director
-Izabelle and Ricochet are another year old. They grow up so fast.
-Andrea came for a visit. Next time she comes…I don’t think I’ll let her leave. πŸ™‚
-Emily and Steve came to visit too. Steve is considering getting his DR at UW
-Parents are coming later this month to help with the move. You are all invited to the house warming party…stay tuned for more info!

God is so good!

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2 Responses to “Quick summary of the past few weeks”

  1. tikijam says:

    Yaaaay Sarah congrats on the house! And all the other good things that have been happening! Sorry about the car accident but glad you’re okay! I wanna go to the house warming party πŸ˜› I was going to get to take a trip up to Seattle/Edmonds for work in a few weeks, but now it turns out I can’t go πŸ™ Oh well, maybe next time.

  2. Hi2u! πŸ™‚ Watch any Mitchell mst3k lately? πŸ˜€ What kind of biography did you write?

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