I started the day out taking donuts to different offices for marketing. I got there after fighting the grueling traffic and everyone was out! They were either out on site taking care of all the tree crashes and accidents from the wind storms or they were sick. Blah. 

Both my managers are out sick, I have no idea where Mike (my co-worker) is and both our techs are out sick. I think today we should just have the day off. Nobody is HERE!

Plus, all my customers are dealing with their own problems and there’s nothing I can do to help them. I feel so useless. I wish I could do like we used to do in high school or college…play hooky with a bunch of friends and camp out at the dorms and play games. *sigh* Such good times. 

I hope Andrea moves here…I think I almost have her completely pursuaded. She totally belongs here…she’s a Seattle girl at heart.  

I could totally go home right now and no one would know. (Well, except the few of you that read this…Hi Kyle, hi mom, hi Cassie, Hi Jamie!) The only problem is my stupid conscience. I would feel way too guilty…although I would probably feel a lot more productive at home. Our kitchen is a big fat mess.


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2 Responses to “Sick”

  1. Hi back! 🙂
    Maybe no one is there because it’s a national holiday – today is Veteran’s Day Observed, I think.

  2. tikijam says:

    hiiiiii! so did you go home?! 😛

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