Once again I’m sitting in traffic. I used to not mind traffic, but I think I’m getting more irritable with age.
I used to somewhat enjoy commuting when I lived in the Bay Area. I actually got to know my fellow commuters a little bit. We were actually on a smile and wave basis.
Now I can’t even enjoy a conversation with friends on my cell phone while commuting because I’m so irritated with rude drivers and it makes me such a grumpy pants. No one wants to talk with a grumpy pants, well, unless your Kenny and your grumpy all the time.Maybe I should call him when I’m commuting – I bet he might appreciate a kindred spirit.

In other news…what’s with all the bridge jumpers this week? There’s been two that I know of just this week! I don’t get it. Why now? Eggnog steamers and pumpkin lattes are back. How can you be sad and suicidal with that? Well, unless of course the price hike was a breaking point.

Ok, that was mean. I shouldn’t trivialize things like that. But it is astounding. I also heard that veteran suicides are up. That’s so sad.

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  1. propheceye says:

    Heh you should call me for the sake of calling me damn it.
    At least you don’t have asshats constantly running red lights trying to turn you into toothpaste while you are on a motorcycle… The best part is when they do the “kiss the car roof” ritual to not get caught as if they can’t even give me their full attention while they try to wipe me off the face of the planet.
    *bitter old man grumble*

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