Take your parents to work day

 I dropped my parents off at the airport this weekend. We had such a fun time with them. We looked at houses for fun Saturday, but then we came across one we really liked. Soon it became an obsession and suddenly the reality of what it would take to get into a house (financially speaking of course…we could technically get into any house we wanted by knocking on the door or pretending to be Kirby vacuum sales people.)

Although I was kind of sad initially thinking about it and coming to terms with the numbers, we’ve prayed a lot about it and now I have a peace that God will provide us with shelter (I’m just praying for something with a jetting tub in the master bath, bay windows, a cozy fireplace that is central to the family room, an updated kitchen with stainless steal or just new appliances….) 

*SIDE NOTE: Speaking of fireplaces….I’ve been having real issues with the placement of fireplaces in a lot of these homes. For example: Who in the world thought putting a fireplace between the back door and a staircase was a good idea?!  That’s not a cozy sitting nook. That’s a tripping hazard. Let’s be honest here. 

Then yesterday my parents came to work with me and met with the other ServiceMaster folk and gathered a lot of great ideas for improving their own business. This is such a great franchise. I’m impressed more and more every day. They had such a good time and were really encouraged by the employees.

For our first year wedding anniversary, my parents want to get us a grandfather clock because they know how much I love grandfather clocks. We didn’t have time to look for one while they were here but they said to let them know when we find the perfect one. I’m so excited to go clock shopping!

OK, now back to work.

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