Smurf village

One thing I really enjoy about my co-workers is how our everyday conversations pertaining to work are so easily snagged on tangents. 

I had just returned from a job site and was asking how I should go about handling what may turn into a huge mold situation. 
I told my co-workers how I had removed the kick plate to the dishwasher to confirm that it was the source of water that caused the underlayment to swell. I told them how the customer told me that they’d actually found mushrooms growing out from under the dishwasher. 

Manager: “The mushrooms were actually visible from under the dishwasher?”

Me: “Yeah, I guess he removed the kick plate himself and found the Smurf Village growing right there.”

Other manager explaining to manager: *laughing* “You know, the little blue guys who live in mushrooms.”

Manager: “Oh right, I suppose the fact that they live in mushrooms is what makes them blue.”

Me: “Actually, I think the mushrooms are probably more responsible for their overwhelming joy and happiness than their color.”
       “But it doesn’t do much to explain why there were so many smurfs and only one smurfette.”

Other Manager: “Little hussy.”
                             “It also doesn’t explain why there’s only one baby smurf.”

Me: “Wasn’t smurfette originally created by Garganel in an evil attempt to infiltrate the smurf village? I remember hearing that somewhere and then that Papa smurf somehow made her good again and let her live in their community.”

*laughing hysterically* Other manager: “I wonder how he did that!!!!”

Manager: “Maybe the Smurf schools started distributing contraceptives to their 11, 12, and 13-yr-old smurf students after Smurfette had the one and only baby smurf when she was 11.”


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