Picking up where I left off

“OK, so it’s been 6 whole minutes and all I’ve done is paid a visit to the little girls’ room and returned to my desk. (Which, by the way, was interesting because I discovered I can hear almost all activities in the warehouse through the ceiling vent. At first this was exciting until I realized they weren’t saying or doing anything interesting.) 

My goodness, listen to me! My boredom has made me so liberal with my comments! Next thing you know I’m going to be supporting free health care for the “poor” (aka people who can but don’t want to pay for it themselves) or something. 

Speaking of which…has anyone else noticed the unusual number of “unique” proposals lately? Like this one where they want to hand out condoms and birth control to 11, 12, and 13 year olds? I remember my Grammie telling me how when she was a nurse she had to deliver a baby from a 12-ye…”  

So….amazing story comes in right here. You’ll notice that I stopped my intriguing thought process right in the middle of a word. That is because at that moment the power went out in our building. (Thankfully LJ recovered the lost entry for me.) It was kind of fun because I got to see our office fall right into CAT mode (otherwise known as catastrophy mode). Obviously, working with a disaster restoration company means that we don’t get the priviledge of just going home when things get rough…we have to bust out the flashlights, miner head lights and generators and stick it out! As for me, I just went marketing. Haha. I didn’t have anything constructive to do in our dark office so I decided to go visit other offices. 

Anyways, from here I’d love to tell you all about the totally amazing trip Kyle and I took to Victoria, B.C. for our one year wedding anniversary. However, I have to start my exhausting drive to Spanaway to visit a job site. Yippi. Anyone want to come so I can carpool?

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