Bunny rabbits?

After work, when we got home and I finally got off the phone with a customer, I was changing out of my work clothes. I walked into my room and caught a glimpse of my backside in the mirror. *horror!* I saw something that should never be seen at work and I had to confirm the suspicion that maybe I went through the whole day in this state of dress.

Me: “Honey, do you think my underwear was showing all day?”

*I show him the site of the error*

Husband: “Wasn’t your shirt tucked in?”

(Here he also adds that this had to be the funniest question he’s ever heard)

Me: “No, this isn’t a tucking-in type shirt.”

Husband: “Turn around and bend over like you’re picking something up.”

*Slightly suspicious of his intentions, I do as he requests*

Husband: “Well…yeah, they were probably showing. But look, *he turns around and bends over* my underwear does the same thing.”

Me: “But that’s different!”

Husband: “How is it different?”

Me: “Yours don’t have bunny rabbits on them.”

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