I’m glad God loves them, because I’m sure no one else does…

Listening to the news these past few months has stirred mixed emotions in me. Today as I heard the update that the pedi-murderer from Florida got the death sentence, I was so happy and yet still so angry. It made me think about that sicko from Tacoma that kidnapped, raped and murdered that little girl on the 4th of July. He got out of the death penalty
They reviewed some of the gruesome details from the Florida case including how this guy kidnapped a 9-yr-old girl, Jessica, raped and tortured her for several days and then stuffed her into two plastic garbage bags, still alive and conscious and then buried her (still very alive and conscious) in the back yard! (http://www.theledger.com/apps/pbcs.dll/section?Category=SPECIALSECTIONS03)

Even though I know justice is now going to be served, it still pisses me off to think about it because there are still tons of kids out there possibly going through things just as bad right this very second.
What made me kind of smile was the father’s comments about how he felt about this guy getting the death sentence and if he was going to attend. He said something like…’Definitely…I even thought about applying for the job of executing him.’
What really got to me was the fact that this criminal tried to pull the ‘mentally retarded’ card. Simply because of the law in Florida that says you can’t sentence a mentally retarded person with the death penalty.
I don’t even understand how anyone could possibly think that a person challenged enough to be considered ‘disabled’ could plan and execute the things he did to that little girl.

And then there were those brothers who just came out and exposed their boy scout troop leader who raped and molested them over a period of ten years or something. (http://archives.seattletimes.nwsource.com/cgi-bin/texis.cgi/web/vortex/display?slug=boyscouts23m&date=20070823&query=boy+scouts)
And it turns out that the Boy Scouts have been keeping secret files of endless accounts of such issues that they’ve dealt with secretly since 1910! Oh, this makes me want to scream! I better stop now before I explode. Lord help these people.

And don’t even get me started on dog fighting. Stupid football players…

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