Forgot to mention

I know I need to seriously update on all that has been going on. But unfortunately I still don’t have time! So here’s a quick briefing:

Trip home was fun. Got to see Grammie and Kyle and I got our hairs cut. I cut mine pretty short! Hopefully I’ll get some pics up soon. 🙂

Canada was amazing! I am such a fan of train travel now. You have more space to stretch out, the scenery is gorgious and access to a bistro car!
Kyle took me to the Art gallery and we got to see Picasso work, Monet, etc. All the classics. I felt so inspired!

This weekend, camping!

Back to work now.

P.S. Does anyone know of custom home or remodeling contractors I could market our flooring services to? If so, let me know ASAP! Thanks!

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