Backpacking trip

Wow! What an amazing hike! We hiked about 10 miles with our packs to Peggy’s pond (we still haven’t figured out who this Peggy is and why she gets a pond…but whatever.) The journey was trecherous. Slippery, rocky climbs along narrow to non-existant pathways hugging the sides of steep cliffs. It was a rush! And most of it was up hill 1800 feet! Ugh. But it was worth it!

I’ll have to post pictures soon to prove that we did more than just feed the mosquitos.

Next weekend…Dallas, here we come. yee haw!

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One Response to “Backpacking trip”

  1. xmosherkidx says:

    yo deck!
    good to hear from you, i’ve been pretty good. i’m glad to read that you are getting your fill of outdoorsy stuff, it sounds real fun. give me a call sometime i’d love to hear how you are doing!

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