Thoughts on renewable energy sources

SOS just got these cool marketing gifts. They are these flashlights that don’t require a battery, just a few seconds of winding. It’s like a wind-up flashlight. A couple cranks powers the light for up to 15 minutes.

That was a pretty cool concept to me so I thought about where else we could apply it. How about putting cranks on television sets? For families with obese kids, this could be an answer to prayer! Perhaps little Jimmy could get more exercise if he has to crank the TV every 15 minutes in order to see his favorite cartoons. Or what if they had to crank the computer!

What if our cars were like the old fashion ones where you have to crank it to start it? I’m not sure I personally would want to do that. And maybe this sounds mean, but what if when you went in to get your driver’s license, people over a certain weight limit for their BMI were issued a statement that required them to get a wind-up car? I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t go over so well with the general population.

I should probably re-iterate that I intend these ideas for the health of our society. And in no way do I mean for them to come off as cruel or unusual punishment for what may be the result of genetics or unfortunate circumstances.

On another note…what are your thoughts on the traffic congestion problem? Do you think that taking more cars off the road and amping up our transit systems would help the environment? I have many thoughts on these issues, but I’d like to hear yours.

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