Summer time

It’s that time of year and I’m sooooo excited! CAMPING TIME!

Kyle and I got our first tent together at REI. It’s a cozy two-person tent. Ricochet likes it too. We set it up in our living room because we were so excited to use it. We were going to sleep in it that night but then our lovely kitten dive bombed us. We woke up to see the outline of a cat on the roof of the tent. We ended up just watching a few episodes of Hitchcock and then going to bed.

I’ve been wanting to visit CA for so long now…but stupid plane tickets are so stupid expensive. No matter how many weeks you try and buy them in advance it’s always so stupidly overpriced. It’s STUPID! Plus I don’t get my vacation days until I’ve been in my new job for a year. That’s sooo long! Over $500 for one person doesn’t seem worth it for one weekend.

Kyle and I were talking today about how we miss being students because we had designated vacations and we could visit home or go camping – worry free! So nice.

I also want to get my hair cut short soon. That’s not too stupid expensive, but it’s a big step. I’m taking my time to find the perfect cut. I’m also not looking forward to being bound to a haircut schedule. Whenever you have short hair you are obligated to maintain it. No more lazy ponytail days. That’s a HUGE sacrifice. I need to mentally prepare myself.

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One Response to “Summer time”

  1. innout says:

    You can get airfare for a lot better than that.. you just have to keep looking..
    Sign up at for the farewatcher e-mails.. it’ll tell you when a fare changes by $25..
    Also, check out I’ve had some great luck getting some tickets with them (except for Southwest.. but that’s easy enough to check on).

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