Ego absorbing mirror

A writing friend of mine came to me the other day with a story that she wanted me to help her write.
It’s a really trippy story about a mirror that absorbs the ego of whoever looks into it. It’s a weird, complex sci-fi-ish story that she ‘experienced’ in a dream. haha. My thoughts on that?
If it’s a good story with a captivating plot…I don’t care if you dreamt it, watched it, felt it or ‘experienced’ it. If it’s interesting, I’m game.

My friend is a 50-year-old Brazilian with dyslexia and a firm belief in karmic events and ‘other-world spirituality’. She was raised Catholic which may explain why she rejects Christianity. She hated living in a constant state of guilt. She loves to write but grew up with people telling her she couldn’t (because of her dyslexia).
She believes that the only reason she came to work in our office was to meet me. That the universe was utilizing my presence to guide her toward the path of happiness. Personally, I’m flattered. 🙂

I believe God brought us together to inspire one another.

While I don’t necessarily believe the same things she does, I think we make a fun writing team. I think the Lord brought her into my life to draw me back to writing. We get together weekly and she comes brimming with questions. She’s only taken a few writing courses and in every course the teacher would kind of encourage her, but more often discourage her. I think they thought her dyslexia was just a case of bad grammar.
As I teach her some of the basics I’m overwhelmed with excitement as I introduce her to great material and writers who utilize techniques she’s never seen.

Sharing ideas and concepts with her make all my schooling feel worthwhile. Maybe this is really what I was meant for?

In other news…Kyle is taking me to Vancouver for my birthday! We’re taking the train and staying in a nice hotel for the weekend. So sweet!

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