Kyle took me to dinner and a movie Sat. It’s so sweet how he still brings me a rose every now and then and he still takes me out on dates.

So we both really wanted to see Zodiac when it opened on Friday, but we settled for Saturday because we went to look at a house Fri night. (BTW the house wasn’t that impressive, but it was still fun to look.)
The movie was awesome! Good story (true story), suspense, action, and my favorite part, puzzling! It was definitely a phsycological thriller. Kyle and I were still talking about it hours after we left the theater.
For those who can’t handle gore, I would suggest one of the following:
1. Skip it
2. Go with a friend who has seen it so they can tell you when to close your eyes and cover your ears.
3. Wait until it is available to rent and watch it at home with pillows and blankets to hide behind.

My mind is still spinning and processing it. I mean, this actually happened where I grew up! It’s really scary to think about and it provides a powerful reality check. There were parts during the film where I just kept thinking to myself, “Oh my gosh, I’ve been there.” Or, “Did my parents drive me to school that day instead of letting me take a bus?”
What’s even scarier to think about is what this film might stir up. I can’t imagine how many letters the SF papers have been receiving since Friday or how many copies of the book have sold. And you know the crazies are going to be calling that poor guy (I won’t go into details so as not to give any spoilers).

In short, great film, mind blowing, two thumbs up. 🙂

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