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It’s been a very interesting month. I went to the NWCA (Northwest Christian Writers Association) meeting and that was fun. It’s nice being around others that like to write and it’s inspiring to talk to those who have been published. The lecture this month was about blogging and it rekindled my desire to maintain a blog. Unfortunately, according to all blogging standards, I probably shouldn’t have one.
First of all, to develop a readership I have to keep a theme. Preferably something that I’m passionate about and have a lot of knowledge on. My problem comes with the fact that I tend to be a part-time expert, or maybe seasonal professional. I learn about something and am into it for a period and then move on. For example, when I got my betta fish Jimmy. I learned everything there was to know about betta fish. I even branched out when I got the dwarf frogs, Spiderman and Scuba Steve. But when Jimmy and his last successors passed on, I also moved on.

When I was a manager for an apartment complex, I knew all about the property market and when to rent, what the rates were for different areas and the competition, etc. But since I’ve changed jobs, I haven’t kept up with it.

So Kyle and I sat and thought about my blog topic for a long time. He suggested I write about being a new wife. I didn’t want to be that transparent online. What about being a writer? I didn’t feel ready for that. So what are you really passionate about? He asks. Speaking truth, I said without thinking.
Since I said it without thinking, I stopped and thought about it.
I like seeing truth and learning from everyday happenings. From a movie, a run-in with an old friend, finding a cherished “scruncci” that I thought I’d lost forever. I know all of those scenarios are just brimming with intrigue *sarcasm*.

The conclusion I’ve come to is that I find everything interesting, because I look at things according to what I can draw from them. But reason and marketing tells us that you can’t just blog about everything and expect a hardy readership. Not many people type “everything” into Google when looking for something in particular. It just doesn’t work that way.
And Lord knows my life isn’t something people Google for either.

Perhaps I should blog about driving. If there’s one thing that I have an unceasing passion about it’s stupid drivers. I could write about them forever and never run out of material. In the same way, I could maybe mix it up and blog about my other pet peeve, stupid walkers. Those are the people who are completely oblivious to those around them. I was at Michael’s the other day, getting some thank you notes (because I’m just a good person like that) and this woman walked up with her Mary Poppins bag and shoved her way in front of me. By all appearances, this woman and myself were the only people in the store besides the employees. There were several other routes she could have taken to reach her destination, but she decided that it was more exciting to shove her over-sized daisy purse in my gut and squeeze in front of me like we were in a movie theater without so much as a ‘pardon me’. Apparently the world revolves around her and I just hadn’t been informed yet.

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