Kyle took me to the Seattle Asian Art Museum and it was really neat! I love museums. I love the atmosphere, the culture and the art work. Perhaps someday I can get a job that encompasses all those things.
Speaking of jobs, I’ve been applying for some jobs online, but I think ultimately I’ll end up doing work for the temp agency again. I don’t mind keeping busy, it gives me more fodder for writing.
I’m going to miss being at home and taking care of our house and our kitties.

Anyways, back to V-day. After the museum, we went home to watch the rest of 24, season 5 and started this season. Then I watched Lost. We’re totally hooked on these shows!

We started watching 24 in January, beginning with season 1. It’s Feb. and we’ve already caught up on 5 seasons and are watching the current one. Some people think that this kind of behavior is unhealthy, but I think sharing quality programing together brings us closer. 🙂

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