Ricochet and Izabelle

There are so many things I love about my kitties, Izabelle and Ricochet. Here are a few of them:

1. Ricochet is mesmorized by the floating cherries in the Singulair (allergy medicine)commercials.
2. His favorite movie is Finding Nemo
3. He loves heads. By that I mean, people’s heads. My head, Kyle’s head, my mom’s head, Izabelle’s head, a head of lettuce…
4. He loves people and therefore despises closed doors (unfortunately this includes bathroom doors)
5. He enjoys cleaning, particularly, the feather duster.
6. He’s far more entertaining to watch than TV, unless of course, he’s watching you. Then it gets a bit boring.
7. Until he pounces your head or sneak-attacks your slippers, while they’re on your feet.

1. Izabelle is thoroughly engaged in whatever you’re doing, but only if it doesn’t involve her.
2. She loves cuddling, but only if it was her idea.
3. Other times she prefers to sit and watch you. Just watch.
4. She makes funny noises when she sleeps.
5. She likes to sleep on your head, or on your feet. Whatever is most inconvenient.
6. She loves belly rubs and basketball and she’s a daddy’s girl, but would never admit it.
7. She is the same color as the hard wood floor in the kitchen and her stripes don’t help with visibility either. She’s very stealth.

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  1. trademehalos says:

    I seriously enjoyed this post. I laughed.

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