As most of you know, I’ve been looking for a job that gets me out of the house. Something that pays well and gives me that wonderful, accomplished feeling at the end of the day, while at the same time providing fodder for my everyday writing.
I haven’t found that perfect job yet, but in the meantime we need some extra cash to pay for the overpriced, but extremely necessary special cat food (for cats with food allergies). So Kyle came up with the idea of getting me a blog. The idea is that I’m supposed to be funny so that people would read my blog all the time, so much so that I could make money from posting ads that my readers would ignore while indulging in my deliciously witty remarks on the meaning of life.

I thought this was a brilliant plan and set out to execute it straight away. First step, develop a readership. My thought is that people like to read about themselves. In particular, about what others supposedly ‘secretly’ think about them. So I figure I can create the illusion of talking about people if I post what I call, “Interaction Scenarios”. Things like when I run into someone at the store and have some sort of oddly vague interaction with them, for example:
“I was at my neighborhood QFC today and I ran into this dashing young man who, when juggling an equally cute puppy and a frozen boneless, skinless half chicken breast, spilled his Starbucks on my favorite blouse given to me by my favorite person in the whole world and I was so upset that I started to call the store manager but then a woman in the next isle fell out of her wheel chair when reaching for a bottle of Hogue on the almost-but-not-quite top shelf…”

So in that little excerpt several arch-types were covered and allowed for enough vague descriptions that many people could fit the profile and think I might have been talking about them. It’s so simple! I mean, someone might think, “Hey! I was that dashing young man!” or “Wow, I’m really her favorite person in the world!” or “That Hogue was not worth taking that spill. But at least I got a free bottle of wine to enjoy during American Idol.”

Of course there’s a lot more to developing a readership than making people think they’ve met you when they haven’t. But this could be a fun process to work on while trudging through the lulls of temp work.

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