Mr. Curly the Great and Princess Goldie

I went to that M&M site today and made my own M&M characters. It was so much fun! I made a character for me and a character for Kyle and then I had so many choices of what I got to do with them. I could make a screen saver, a gallery of photos, even a movie!
They provided a bundle of ways to help me create my M&M identity and make my M&M dreams palatable.

It’s amazing how many companies are ready to ‘help’ you establish your identity with them. I could rattle on and on about where we should establish our identity, how you can identify yourself, how the media and culture try to over-simplify the public, place them into demographics that they target with sometimes unnecessary products. But then I would be just like them, except, I’m not a multi-million dollar company. And I don’t have candy. I wish I did though, have some candy. Maybe just some chocolate. A little chocolate.

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