I could hit the road with that

I just watched a funny clip of a cat that was fascinated with flushing the toilet. A couple from ‘somewhere’ was frustrated and confused with the hike in their water bill. One day the husband was stuck at home with the flu and noticed the sound of running water coming from downstairs. His curiosity overcame the aches and pains of the flu and he went to investigate and found the kitten repeatedly flushing the toilet and then watching the water swirl in the bowl.
This cat flushed the toilet like fifty times! And the camera kept rolling. The world was captivated by the aquatic fantasies of a flush happy kitten. If this were ‘back in the day’, before TV and all those high tech gadgets, you could make a living with this cat. You could pack up your cat and your toilet, load them into the wagon and take your show on the road. People would pay anything to watch such an amazing sight.
But now, thanks to uTube, we get to see all kinds of things, at our whim for free! No one will take money from my pocket while I indulge my curiosity. No, I’d rather hand my money over to Comcast.

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3 Responses to “I could hit the road with that”

  1. danjor says:

    Could you send me a link to that youtube video? =)

  2. harmony_joy says:

    Is it sad that I have seen that?

  3. sarahmadson says:


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