Here I am again

Once again I’m back at the in-law’s house, trying to get more work done. I think it’s fair to say at this point that I can’t work at home. There are just too many perks when working at the in-law’s place. 1. Accountability, 2. Free lunch, 3. Very few distractions, 4. Lots of space, 5. A smooth jazz station that we don’t get in Seattle. The only down side is the amount of time it takes to get here. Today, because of an accident on the 520, it took me two hours. Normally it takes about 45 min.
Tomorrow I think I might try working at the SPU library, just for old times sake. Otherwise, I might try the new Seattle library, but I want to scope it out next weekend before committing any work time there. Because Lord knows I would distract myself with wondering around looking out every window and checking out every book shelf. I think I work better in a familiar place.
In other news, the Beth Moore conference is this weekend. I’m pretty excited.
Also, I’m supposed to meet with a friend about a job opportunity. I hope all works out!

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