Wish I was more motivated

Kind of wishing I was back in school. I kind of miss having homework and such. Being inspired by learning something from a book I never would have thought to pick up in the first place. Well, I know there are prose and cons to both lives; working life and study life. I think what I miss most is the community. Having friends stop by randomly, etc.
Loreanne, Andrea, Emily, Tami….friends! Listen up! You all need to pack your things and move to Seattle…pronto! That is my Christmas wish. I know you would all love it here. And I know I would love having you here. Then we could visit each other, complain about whatever and then laugh about how what we were complaining about isn’t that big of a deal and how silly we are. Then we could drink tea and eat yummy treats. Then we could work out together, take walks and motivate each other to keep up with the new pilates tapes we just bought at Target….ummm…yeah. OH! Oh! And we could knit together..*wink wink* Yeah, I know of some people that just took up knitting and really enjoy it. Imagine having a knitting community!

Ok, I think I’m done stating my case right now. I have to get back to work. This guy’s story is pretty amazing. The part I’m struggling with is the tedious typing part. Blah.
But I am thankful for the rain because it helps keep me inside working instead of outside playing. Well, I suppose I could work outside too…but you know what I mean.

I other news. I love my husband. He’s so good to me and for me. He’s been working so hard and I’m sad to have him so tired when he comes home. But I’m glad I can make our home a refuge for him to feel comfortable and at ease.

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5 Responses to “Wish I was more motivated”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love…
    my wife!

  2. You saps need to get a room. Or, you know a house or something.
    Oh, wait…
    Yeah, and I unfortunately was only in town for just the weekend, and it flew by real quick like. I’m sorry I didn’t call, Sarah. I’m trying to think of a good holiday submission for the challenge. Unfortunately, its stormy weather down here, so I need to turn off my computer soon, just to be safe. Laterz.

  3. trademehalos says:

    Re: I love…
    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! *tear* seriously.

  4. trademehalos says:

    “some people”? who else took up knitting? I think I rekindled your love for it. I’m obsessed. I’m now knitting a scarf for Ashley out of yarn that I bought first and planned to make her a scarf, but it made me angry because I kept splitting it and creating more stitches out of no where. So now that I’ve had practice and I’m AWESOME (haha!) I decided to knit it. It’s turning out really well. I’m doing this pattern: http://www.straw.com/cpy/patterns/scarves/meringue-zigzag.html
    Cool, huh? I know. She’d better like it.
    Also…I feel the same about my husband. man, they are so great, huh? being married is the best thing in life.
    It would be nice to live there for some time…really. I love the trees especially. I told Jesse that when he moves jobs next (in three years) that it’s an option, although it’s probably unlikely…. still, it’d be cool. *nod*
    And just since everyone asks this…when are you having babies? 😛 (seriously, answer it)

  5. sarahmadson says:

    That pattern for Ashley is way cool! I’m going to have to try that once I get more practice. Right now I’m doing a super simple one for my mom. The only fancy-ish thing I’m doing is stripes (changing the color yarn every once in a while).
    I sure hope you guys move here for a while. I’d be soooo much fun! Then we can raise babies together. Which I plan on having in about 5 years or so. No sooner, because we’d like to travel more and not be those people who bring crying babies on small planes. You know?
    Anyways, can’t wait to see you soon!

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