I remember years ago when I was in jr. high there was this awesome blackout in our neighborhood. It was so fun because my friends and I were let out of school early and they came over and brought their pjs and junk food. We sat in the laundry room with candlesticks and played games. (I don’t remember now why we were in the laundry room, but for some reason we were.) Anyways, jr. highers are weird and I was no exception.
The last blackout I experienced wasn’t as fun as that one. The power went out in the middle of the night Thursday. We woke up the next morning and I tried to convince Kyle to stay home from work because of the warnings I heard on the news the day before. However, he’s a good employee and went in to work anyway. Our house was cold and all I could motivate myself to do was start a fire in the fireplace and curl up with my kittens and a good book. It was fun but I couldn’t help but feel like I should have been doing something more constructive …like finish my thank you notes or something. Oh well.
I was also kind of bummed because we ended up having to cancel our plans to go out with Ryan and Charlene Friday night. We were going to meet at downtown Bellevue to go ice skating and see the Christmas programs. Unfortunately, Bellevue was pitch black and everything was closed. So the four of us went to Kyle’s parents’ house for dinner, Christmas movies and to warm up. Ryan and Charlene’s house was out of power too. But their power was back pretty fast. So we spent the night at their place and got warm showers. Yay!
It was fun to have a sleep over. Charlene is an amazing cook and we had the most amazing breakfast the next morning. We came home this afternoon and PRAISE THE LORD our power was back on! I really didn’t want to have to pack up the kitties and stay at someone else’s house for the night (or clean out spoiled food from the fridge). Plus I was really anxious to put up all the Christmas decorations that my parents sent to us. My dad sent a really nice train from his train set to go under our tree! We’ve been playing with it since we came home. So much fun! (My parents also emphasized that it was part of my inheritence…it’s a really really nice train). So now I feel like our house is a home. *sigh* It’s so pretty.

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