Today has been nice. Woke up and had breakfast with my roommate who, until now, I’ve only been able to see three days this last month. Then she dropped me off at the Bear Creek park n’ ride so I could pick up the car that Kyle took there this morning. The problem was that Kyle hadn’t taken the car to the Bear Creek park n’ ride, he took it to the Redmond park n’ ride. He told me that this morning, but I was still half asleep and failed to process the info. Oops. So I walked across Redmond to the other park n’ ride. It was a lovely walk and a wonderful opportunity to break in my new shoes. :)The park, by the way, was beautiful.
After I got the car I took myself out to lunch at this little hole-in-the-wall place next to my kitty’s vet. It’s called the Stone House Cafe and it is an official historical land mark in Redmond. The food was just okay and the service left something to be desired, but it was nice to take myself out. 🙂
Speaking of being taken out, I should mention here the amazingness of my fiance. Last week he took me out to the symphony and we heard an amazing medley of Gershwin’s best. Then last night before picking up my roommate from the airport we went and played around at REI. So much fun.
Anyways, after a not-so-quick lunch, I swung by Fred Meyer to get some groceries and went back home for some much needed cleaning. I also had to sit around and watch the litter box because the vet needed another stool sample from each cat to make sure their last parasite treatment worked. Yuck.
After cleaning, I sat down to do thank you notes and turned on the travel channel and dreamt about where my honeymoon was going to be. (I’m still clueless and Kyle has been using China as a reference word so he doesn’t slip and give away the real location.)
I think I’m going to make it a point not to watch the travel channel too much because it makes me antsy and I start checking my bank account and looking into loans for travel. The last show I just watched was about Italy. Italy is on my top five list of places to see. My list is endless.

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  1. xmosherkidx says:

    back in high schooli used to go to the stone house every couple of weeks. wierd, i hadn’t thought about that in a long time. take care decker.

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