Last Night

Yesterday was absolutely crazy. It was glorious.
I woke up early to pick up Michelle at the airport, then she came with me to the chiropractor where she watched and grimaced as I was folded into various pretzel shapes and eventually straightened out. Thankful for her help that week and for enduring the chiropractic session, I treated Michelle to breakfast and we set out for Issaquah to retrieve her car.
Both of us arrived at our jobs late, but it was worth it in order to stop for breakfast. After work I raced to pick up Kyle at the Park N’ Ride and get Ricochet to the vet for his final round of shots. He wasn’t too pleased with us and pooped in his carrier on the way home. So we had the joy of bathing him and disposing of the soiled box.
From there Kyle and I went to an amazing prayer meeting at the Cramer’s house to lift up his parents and the others involved with the Global Training Network ministry. It was fantastic and energizing. We prayed for safety, healing, moving and shaking. There was laying of hands and laughing in the Spirit. The LORD’s power and presence were strong and we left feeling changed.
My brother called while we were in prayer and I listened to his message on the way to Safeway to pick up dinner. It was already 10 and he’d called around 7! He was asking for help and advice on how to respond to his friend whose ex-fiance died suddenly in his sleep Friday. Whoa! Apparently the rest of her friends hadn’t responded with much compassion and she turned to him for support. I wasn’t sure what to say and I wasn’t thinking clearly because I hadn’t eaten in a while. I told him I’d call him back after dinner and pray with him about it. That’s a hard situation! (More on this later)

Theres the skinny…time for lunch!

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