Last Day

Today was my last day at my temp job with Weyerhaueser. It’s so sad. I get so attached to the people I work with and the jobs I do. Just when I’m getting into the groove of things and really getting to know my co-workers, things change. I know it’s for the best though. I still have a lot of wedding stuff to finish and having the whole month of Sept. to dedicate to it will be wonderful.
I think this will be the first time in my entire life that I will not ‘technically’ be working even though I am able-bodied and in good health. Weird. I hope I don’t get bored or feel aimless.

Kyle and I spent this last weekend at a cabin on Treasure Island (WA) with his parents and Ryan and Charlene. It was nice and relaxing. It’s sooo beautiful there. I feel like it’s a really special secret place that is known only to a select few (composed mostly of the elderly or hermit-type folks). In actuality, it’s just way out in the boonies and if people are going to go on vacation, by definition that means driving more than two hours.
I got a lot done while I was there too. Together we assembled over 60 invitations and I was able to address a good portion of my envelopes. I still have a ways to go, but I feel good about how much we finished.
The best part of the weekend (besides playing cards and lounging in the hammock) was picking blackberries and getting an awesome recipe for blackberry pie. (It’s amazing what you can get from a weed). 🙂

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4 Responses to “Last Day”

  1. Which Weyerhauser branch did you work at?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I worked at the Redmond Office (also known as Trus Joist or iLevel). They moved the office to Federal Way and they will only be there temporarily. Corporate wants their final stop to be at the main office in Tacoma. Are you familiar with Weyerhaueser businesses?

  3. Yeppers. I worked for homeland security for a while that was across the hall and sharing a building with the weyhauser folks. My friend works HR there too…at least I believe it was HR.

  4. P.S. it was the office in F.W.
    Also, everyone cool is moving down south to the Tacoma area. You should do it too and join the bandwagon. It’s rad here. 😀

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