Another day in the office

I woke up late this morning. But thankfully I’m not groggy. Being groggy at work is the worst. I’m so thankful that my boss Darla is forgiving.
The only bummer right now is that my upper back, between my shoulder blades, is not feeling so hot. I think maybe I slept on it wrong. I dunno. Maybe it’s because the adjustments from yesterday are still setting. I put a hot pack on it last night as soon as I was home from work and I thought for sure that would take care of it. Either way, it’s going to be a long day of labor since all the literature we were waiting for finally came in the mail. (that means I’ve got a lot of lifting and standing ahead of me…which is OK because I feel like I’m getting a workout.) I should start making it a more of an actual workout…maybe start doing some squats with the boxes on my shoulders or do those backwards push-ups on the edges of them (like you would do with a chair). This could have promising possibilities. *picturing the lean, toned physique I could have on my wedding day*

Another funny thing I learned today is that Darla and her husband used the same workbook “Before you say I Do” in their pre-marriage counceling 12 years ago!
I’m hoping that just means it’s a classic. haha.

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