I swear the guy came out of nowhere. I was just pulling into the parking lot at work when I saw the lights behind me. The worst part was: my license was expired, I just got the car last month so I didn’t have any registration or insurance and I honestly couldn’t remember if my tabs were current.
The policeman walked up and I opened my door. The scene was just like in the movies…”Do you know how fast you were going?”
“No. Isn’t that road a 40 zone?”
“48 in a 35. Can I see your license and registration.”
“Well, I just got the car and my license just expired on my b-day last week. The new one is in the mail.”
“Close your door. I’ll be right back.” *growl*
I don’t know if it was my fear, my shock or if he was really as big and mean as I thought. And I could swear I felt several eyes watching the whole thing.
Thankfully my license checked out online and he assumed my registration and insurance were to follow. Otherwise, the bill might have been over $800. He just decided to tag me $175 for speeding. How nice of him.
So, despite my best efforts I was still late to work. Well, technically I wasn’t late…I was in the parking lot.
I walked into the office and was greeted my many humored faces.
“Were those whirly birds for you?”
All day I endured teasing because EVERYONE saw. They all have windows facing the parking lot. Apparently flashing lights attract attention. Go figure.
Mr. Whirly-bird-comment guy (also known as Jim) had the most fun with my misfortune. As I was assembling information in the hallway, he passed by to the break room. He turned around just as he passed and said, “Two things came to mind as I passed you just then. The Mazda commercial with the *whispering* zoom zoom and the movie “Need for Speed.” *self-amused chuckle*
I just smiled and said something like “Now be nice to the new girl.” In my head I wanted to look at him and say in a sweet voice, “Well thank you for sharing what’s really on your mind, Jim. I appreciate that.” *biting sarcasm*
Darla, my immediate boss, was a lot more forgiving. “Honey, I had four speeding tickets and an accident before I was 21. The only way I was able to clear my record was to go to college for two years and leave my sweet car at home.” Then she reassured me that I need not worry about being late, I should just remember to always be safe.

This morning I left for work early and drove so slowly it hurt. Conveniently the court house is just down the street so I can walk there during lunch and pay my overly priced ticket. That’s what I get for having California plates.

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