Hangin’ with my homies

I got to hang with Miranda last night and finally give her her b-day gift. I’ve missed that girl so much! And to be back in Robbins…wow, that brought back memories. It still has the same stale musk and random piles of old furniture in the hallways. Oddly enough, I missed the place and felt at home standing out on the balcony trying to get cell service.

Miranda and I made tacos and hung out with a few drop ins. There was a guy loitering in the hallways playing his guitar and we invited him in to have dinner with us. He said he was waiting for a friend but came in and sat down. Not long after, his friend came by and joined us. It was beautiful. We were singing and cooking as he played guitar and we had great conversation over dinner.

Later, Miranda tried on the bridesmaids dresses I brought. She looked great! Hopefully I’ll have all the girls’ measurements by the end of this week so I can order the dresses!
Then we got comfy, with some bowls of cookie dough ice cream and watched MST3K. It was so much fun. I always laugh hard when I’m with Miranda.

In other news, I got a job yesterday. I went in for an interview through Adecco and a couple hours later they called me and asked me to start Wed! Woo hoo! The company is stationed in Redmond only 11 min. from my apartment and I’ll be working as a receptionist. Super easy work for 13 an hour. Praise the Lord. And it’s for only 2 months so I don’t have to worry about crunch time before the wedding. The company is called I-Level (formerly known as Trust Joist) a Weyerhauser company. They deal in wood. I like wood. I think we’ll get along just fine.

Tonight my roommate and I are going to the Masen Jennings concert at the Showbox. We’re meeting up with Kyle and some of his friends. I’m excited. I haven’t been to a concert in a while and I’m anxious to spend some quality time with Michelle as much as possible now that our work schedules are going to be completely different now. *sniffle* I’ll hardly ever get to see her!

It’ll take a lot of hard work. But I’m going to make it work out for us. Plus, now we have weekends together! I can’t wait to go camping this weekend!

Any suggestions on where we should go?

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One Response to “Hangin’ with my homies”

  1. Wow, I’m probably one of the only ones here that recognized the name “Trust Joist.” I used to work as an office clerk for an architectural engineering firm, and periodically had to sort through product catalogs and such, and I saw their name a bunch.
    Wood is good.

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