Wow, it’s been forever

K, quick update…I’ve been engaged for more than two weeks; living in Redmond with a wonderful roommate named Michelle until my wedding in October; I have two kittens (Jackie Chan and Jet Li) but Jet is really sick and living with a foster mom from the shelter until he gets better (if he gets better); Jackie is recovering from a pesky case of ringworm…but doing well; my brother was served divorce papers the day after I got engaged…so things have been weird to say the least. Then three of my other good friends have been having relationship issues too. I hate to feel this way but it seems like all these unfortunate things have been happening to the people close to me right around my engagement time so they haven’t been able to share in my joy. And sometimes I feel like I can’t be happy because all these sad things have been going on. It’s like I’ve got a heart string attached to every person being hurt or going through a hard time and I’m running out of strings to be pulled.
But, on the other hand there are times…like when I’m with Kyle and he makes me laugh or randomly says something like, “Hey Sarah, guess what…you’re going to be my wife!” or times like the other day when Jack fell in the bath tub and ran to hide in his litter box and stood with wet paws in the clumping litter. It’s times like those that make me smile again and thank the LORD for all that’s happening…the good and the bad.

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One Response to “Wow, it’s been forever”

  1. No! You revel in your good times! Sometimes, it’s knowing that somewhere, things are going right that let’s us survive when things go wrong. And kitties are always going right. Or we spray them in the face with water, and then they go right.
    See, sometimes, when things are dark for someone, they need to borrow a little light from a friend. So you need to keep refilling that light every chance you get, since you keep handing it out like it’s halloween candy. This I know. So the next time you see Kyle, you give him a huge hug to make yourself feel good, and know that that is for all of us. “Cuz we all want you to be happy. (For your own sake, not just to cheer us up later on.)
    Once you’re married, you’ll be entering in a new stage, and frankly, you won’t be able to be there for your friends quite as much as you are now. That’s just the way of it. So prep for that stage now. And have fun.

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