Rest in peace Jet Li

Just a few moments ago Lucy, the woman taking care of Jet, returned my call from this morning. She had bad news.
I had called to check in and see how Jet was doing since I hadn’t heard anything for about a week. I didn’t get a hold of her, so I called the vet and they told me that she brought him in on Sat and was talking with the vet about reworking his medication. The secretary didn’t mention anything except that he was making marginal progress.

When Lucy called me back she started out telling me that Jet was burning up inside with an off and on temperature of 104. He was barely walking and often had to be force fed. She was crying as hard as I was. Even though she didn’t come out and say it right away, I knew. She said that Saturday was a beautiful day; she put him in the fuzzy cat bed that he loved and laid him in the sunshine for a while and took some pictures of him. (It was a beautiful day for me too – I was in California getting measured for my wedding dress.) She and some of the other members of the shelter pet his belly until he was purring. Then she took him in.

She thought the vet was going to call me. When she got my voice mail earlier this morning she wasn’t sure what to say when she called me back. That is why she didn’t pick up her phone until after 10pm. (She was probably hoping that I would already be in bed so she could just leave a voice mail.) I can understand and I’m kind of glad that she waited.

It’s a common fact that God works in mysterious ways, but even so it doesn’t take away from the surprise that startles you every time you look back and see His work in your life. Earlier this evening I was talking with my roommate and she told me that she was thinking about me this weekend while I was in California planning the wedding. She remembered how in Bible study last weekend I’d said that I was nervous about asking God to test my faith because I was afraid of how He’d go about doing it. I mean, “He who giveth can also taketh away”… with that in mind, there is a lot He has given me lately. In many ways my life is so wonderful; I have a new career that is slowly blooming, a wonderful roommate, a loving kitten that is recovering from ringworm by leaps and bounds and a fiance who is amazing beyond words. The point Michelle made to me tonight was that God tests us in more ways than by taking away the things we lean on. She told me she thought He was testing my faith right now with all that’s been happening (Most of which I’d rather not go into detail about). In addition to recent family trials she pointed out many other hard things I was going through that she noticed and among those was Jet. She told me that the reason I probably hadn’t thought of those things as testing my faith was because I’m stronger than I realize and that the Lord wouldn’t throw anything my way that I couldn’t handle.

Michelle was very encouraging and I thank the Lord that she opened up and told me this before I got the call about Jet. I think it was His way of preparing me for the news.

Jet was a wonderful, energetic, beautiful kitten. He had an irresistible personality and an affinity for water that made him the star of many fun stories. He will forever be remembered as a great friend and one of the best Christmas gifts I’ve ever received. Rest in peace dear Jet.

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