Another day lived in faith

God is so good. That’s a given. I just pray that where ever He takes me next I’ll be able to show that goodness to my co-workers.

I had an interview today at an apartment complex in Bellevue. A nice little high-end place. Newly remodeled and in desperate need of staff. They were so desperate that when I called to see if they had received my resume, they booked me for an interview that afternoon. I was calling on my way out the door to visit MEOW cat rescue to look at some prospects for Jack’s romping buddy. I turned around, walked back into my apartment and got ready for the interview. Then they called back about a half hour later to ask if they could reschedule for later. I agreed, got out of my nice dress suit, threw on some jeans and rushed to the shelter.
Kyle and I had looked at some orange tabbys online and we had our eyes set on one little 4 month old girl named Butterscotch. Unfortunately she wasn’t a resident of MEOW, but her foster mom works with them occassionally. I called the foster mom earlier today to let her know that Kyle and I were interested and to see if she was still available. She called me back when I was in the romper room at MEOW playing with another orange tabby named Spice. It was kind of funny listening to Leslie (the foster mom) talk about how rare female orange tabbys were when I was sitting and petting one of two orange tabby sisters in the shelter. I didn’t say anything.
Spice was a sweet girl and her sister Sugar was a doll too. But I didn’t want to make any hasty decisions until Kyle had a chance to meet them. I want to be sure the next kitten we get is as fond of Kyle as I am. (He and Jack are still getting used to each other.) So we have an appointment to visit with Butterscotch at her foster home tomorrow. Please keep us in your prayers. We really want to bring home a happy, HEALTHY kitten for Jack to play with and love.
As far as Jack’s health goes, he’s recovered completely from the ringworm, but now he’s decided that he doesn’t like to eat. I’ve been baiting him with just about everything including some cold cut turkey today. I’ve set out two bowls of fresh kibble (one in his normal eating place and one right next to his favorite fleece bed.) I’m praying he gets over this soon. He’s done it before and it freaks me out. Please keep him in your prayers as well.

Back with the leasing agent interview. It went really well. The management was nice and they seemed very fond of me. But after visiting the place and seeing how overwhelmed they are…I’m afraid of getting sucked into a job where I’m extremely overworked and outrageously under paid. I dunno. We’ll see what God has in store. They said they’d make their decision by Thursday or Friday. I’ve applied to several other complexes too and perhaps I’ll be a better fit somewhere else…say…Mercer Island? 🙂
In the meantime, I’m still working on the works of my current client. I’m just waiting on my lawyer…still…for the final draft of my assignment contracts. Hopefully I’ll have those by tomorrow.

Final note…I had an awesome day yesterday hanging out with Miranda. We walked around Fremont and Wallingford, cruising the shops and looking for ideas for center pieces for the wedding reception. So much fun. Then we made dinner and watched movies late into the night…just like old times. It was fantastic. I’ve missed living with that girl!

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