All alone again

My roommate left for Spain yesterday. *sigh* Lucky bum. So now I am all alone again. It’s weird because before I was with Michelle, I lived alone and was able to take care of myself (feeding, entertaining myself, etc.) with no problem. But now I’m kind of tripping out. Jack and I were up early this morning so we sun-bathed for a while. But when the sunshine moved to walls and we didn’t feel like standing to catch the rays, we sat, looking at each other wondering what else there could possibly be to do now. No sun! No fun! No warmth! Life is over! We lay, belly up on the floor for a while, completely destraught and too lazy to get up.

This weekend was good though. Kyle and I spent Saturday relaxing, watching movies we’d been meaning to watch forever. Kyle worked on our Save the Date cards and I worked on my latest painting. It was fantastic. I also helped Michelle pack for Spain when she needed it. Sunday morning we left with the intention of gathering the rest of the things we needed for our save the date photos. But the store that had the items was closed. So we wandered around Macy’s downtown comparing their merchandise with the stuff we’d started putting on our registery. (Can I just say, by the way, that the casual dinnerware selection out there stinks! There’s nothing! I hope they come out with nice patterns by the time we are finishing our list.)

Work has been stale lately. My clients have been increasingly busy with their own work and haven’t been able to follow through on their end. I’m still learning how far I’m allowed to push and where I’m supposed to back off and let them call the shots. I’m pretty sure however that I’m going to be tweeking my invoice and payment options. I started out charging a retainer amount that I used as I needed it, instead of a bi-weekly payment. But I’m thinking this isn’t going to work unless they follow up on their end. Because I might end up going for two weeks without any material to work with and that just doesn’t feel right. I dunno, I have to adjust the contracts a bit more.

I’ve also been looking into Leasing Consultant positions at some really nice apartment and townhome communities; all in hopes of getting a nice place to live after we’re married at a discount so we can save up for a house. It’d be so perfect. Otherwise I’ve been offered a position at Barns and Noble…which wouldn’t be bad…I’m just afraid of getting stuck in that rut. Last time I worked for B&N I had the nasty habit of putting half my pay check back into the store via books. haha. We’ll see what God has in store.

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One Response to “All alone again”

  1. In a nice little piece of irony, I’m actually trying to get a job with Barnes & Noble, along with a fair amount of other places. Enjoy the sun, and pet Jackie-boy once and tell him it’s from me, since I never got to see him in person.
    And I think that i’s so cool that you’re painting. The visual arts; not my forte.

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