Jet Li

I called the vet this morning to check on Jet. He’s still not getting better and they had to run x-rays because his blood work results didn’t show anything out of the ordinary. I talked to the vet and she thinks he may have dry FIP (feline infectious peritenidous). A kitten that I had in the past (a long long time ago) had the wet form of FIP. It’s not pretty and very fatal. She told me that I need to distance myself from him just in case he does take a turn for the worse, because it would “be easier on my heart.” So now I can’t visit him anymore until the radiologist looks at his x-rays and gives the final word.
I miss him so much. Thankfully, however, MEOW cat rescue (the shelter I got him from) said they would pay for everything and I think they’re going to let me adopt another kitten in Jet’s place if he doesn’t pull through. (But let’s be honest, there’s no replacing Jet Li.) But they are going to do everything in their power to help him get through it if it’s possible. There’s still a chance he just has a viral infection.
Please keep him in your prayers.
In other news, Jack is recovering nicely from his ringworm and loves being free from wearing the cone. He’s become very talkative recently and I think it’s because Jet hasn’t been around to chat to. I can tell he misses him very much.

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