Finally moving on

I had my meeting with the mayor and his side kick yesterday to hash out the last details. I basically made a list of the things I need from him before I can do anything else and I gave him a full hard copy of the book with notes throughout listing what I need for each section. I essentially provided him a “publishing for dummies,” draft of the book complete with a user-friendly outline of steps he needs to take. Then I told him that the project was now taking a backseat to my new client. (Well, because obviously I need to pay rent and feed myself and two kitties.) No pay – no play. I thank the Lord for giving me the strength to say what I needed to say and moving on.
So here I am, (still at the office because I don’t have internet access at home – I’ll need to fix that soon.) working on the contract for my new client. Yay!

Also this last weekend Kyle and I built this totally awesome cat tree. The boys love it! And the Ohman’s are probably going to drop by sometime tonight to give us their old cat tree since their cat doesn’t climb on it anymore. Sweet! My boys are totally spoiled. 🙂
I talked to the Ohman’s last night when I went to help stuff mission letters for Kyle’s parents. That’s also when I was able to meet with Bob, my next client. His story is going to be a tough one because it involves a law suit case that is still in the final stages of being settled. Seems I’ve got a lot of reading and research ahead of me. I just pray I’m able to start off with an air tight contract, a solid idea of where the project is going to go and a fair hourly fee. (It’s so hard to know how much your work is worth!)

So two exciting things are happening in the next few weeks: My parents are coming Thursday night to visit the boys and see where I’ve been living the past few months. Also, Kyle’s photography is going to be up in Cafe Ladro in Downtown Seattle starting Feb. 1. EVERYONE MUST COME AND SEE IT! His work is amazing and Lord knows his perfectionist spirit won’t let anything go up on those walls that isn’t museum quality.

With all that coming up I’m anxious to get my apartment in order. I feel like it doesn’t quite look like my home yet. I want to paint my favorite Scripture on the walls in my room and I want to hang my clock and pictures. I also need to clean the bathroom AGAIN. Jack and Jet are the messiest boys I’ve ever known. I swear they have pockets that they use to carry cat litter to dump on my bed.

I’m also keeping my eyes peeled for the PERFECT desk. Since I’ll be spending all my time working out of my home now, I’ll need to set up the perfect home office. It will also have to be a kitty-proof home office. Already Jet has made my painting stool his look-out point and I know the day will come soon when he figures out that my eisle would make a great launching pad.

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3 Responses to “Finally moving on”

  1. harmony_joy says:

    What are you doing for your new client?

  2. danjor says:

    Exciting stuff…
    I have given up on kitty-proofing, and simply have one no cat room (my bedroom). Something you might try if you think it would help is a cover on the litter box and have something under the same end as the entrance to elevate it 6 or so inches. It has greatly improved the litter staying *in* the litter box at my house.
    Good Luck on your writing! I’m working on some stories myself so keep an eye on LJ for them if you wish!

  3. Sarah!!! I just added you to my friends’ list!!! I didn’t know you friended me on here!!! I like candy!!!
    And exclamation points!!!

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