Back in the office, now a happy mom

Well, after going a week without internet access I’m now back in the office and at the keyboard again. I’ve missed you all and I can’t wait to catch up and hear your holiday stories. In the meantime, here’s a brief overview of my holiday.

Christmas was absolutely awesome. I’m convinced it was the best Christmas ever. Kyle’s family came down to California to spend the holiday with my family. We played games, we laughed and we ate lots of food. It was grand. Christmas morning I made out like a bandit. Kyle got me a really nice chocolate brown blazer from J. Crew, the Chicago Manual of Style (15th edition), a special cat’s eye necklace and….two animal print collars and a toy mouse with a promise of two kittens when I got home! I was almost in tears with joy.
In addition to all that, the rest of the family was more than generous too! My parents got me a laptop and Kyle’s parents and grandparents got me some really cute clothes from Anthropologie. Needless to say, I feel incredibily blessed and totally spoiled.

Now, the part you have all been waiting for…last Wed. I went and visited some kitty shelters and came home with two adorable kittens! I didn’t want to call anyone right away until I took them to the vet to get completely checked out (which is why some of you didn’t get calls until Sat.) I have two boys, Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Jack is a silver tabby who looks like he fell in a bucket of white paint. He has the smartest green eyes and is very intellegent and really good at hiding. He gave Kyle, Michelle and I quite a scare night before last when he disappeared and we couldn’t find him. (More on that story later.) Jet is small and black with chocolate brown highlights. He has huge amber eyes and will melt your heart when he greets you at the door. He is extremely outgoing and loves people. Although Jet is older, Jack is big for his age and they both enjoy wrestling.
You can hear both of them across the room when they start to purr. They have motors that would put any Harley enthusiast to shame. It was their motors that drew me to them at MEOW cat shelter. I heard Jet purring as I walked by his cage and the lady opened it and he jumped out into my arms. I was sold. Jack was in the same cage, chilling in a fleece bed. He stretched and reached his paw out and looked at me with his big green eyes. Sold again. I am now a happy kitty mom. Hopefully I’ll have pictures to post soon!

So until I have a moment to update again, I must get back to work! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and threw Jesus a memorable party! Happy New Year!

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One Response to “Back in the office, now a happy mom”

    You need to post pictures. Actually, we just need to hang out.
    Jack and Jet. I can’t tell you how cool that is.
    Lots has happened, film at eleven.

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