I’m tired…so very tired.

I had a meeting with the mayor and his trusty sidekick today. Once again I am left with nothing more to go on than what I had before, which is pretty much, “Looks good. Keep on doing what you’re doing and finish it up. Print out what you have and leave it in my box and I’ll go over it.”
In other words, he hasn’t a clue what’s going on (even though I’ve laid it out for him like a bazillion times) and I’m left in my bewildered state of confusion, despite all my questions. I wonder if he has this affect on everyone he works with?

My final thoughts on this: By 11am Wed. at our next meeting I am going to throw down the final draft of what I have in front of him (so he has no excuse and can’t say he lost what I’ve given him), hand him a list of the remaining responsibilities (permissions and whatnot) and wave good-bye. There’s no way on Earth I am taking this project home with me for Christmas. I refuse to have anything hanging over my head for the holidays.

Can’t wait until I get to go home. -sigh-

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3 Responses to “Tired”

  1. Boot to the head!
    (His, not yours. Or rather, your boot, his head.)

  2. Oh hey. Had that conversation. I’m feeling pretty good, the other one’s feeling wierd, but all right. Mostly just confused. It’ll be fine. More details later.

  3. Uh, woops, this is actually Scott. Obviously, I’m on Rachel’s computer. Hope you have a great holiday.

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